Our vision for the curriculum is

Deep learning, principled success’

To achieve this we have spoken to stakeholders about three elements of our curriculum provision:

The intent

The implementation

The impact

Within the expectations defined by the National Curriculum and in designing our curriculum we asked a number of questions:

  • What aims, values and principles should our curriculum pursue and enact?
  • What are the children’s ‘lived experiences’ that frame their outlooks?
  • How can a curriculum nurture children’s childhoods as well as prepare them for an adult future

At the core of our curriculum: deep learning, principled success

As such, our principled approach to designing our curriculum is rooted in the child as a learner and as a compassionate, active citizen of the world. A curriculum should empower children to make sense of the complex world in which they live; develop their ability to question; to discuss, challenge and contest diverse positions respectfully and compassionately; and to consider views about our world and how we should live in it.

The curriculum should inspire a relentless optimism for and about children and a restless ambition for what we want them to achieve. Our curriculum should also give children the life skills to flourish and thrive.

Deep learning looks beyond a superficial acquisition of points of knowledge that can be passively recalled in order to answer a question. Instead our curriculum should promote questioning, enquiry and challenge. The learning imparted by adults and children should in turn lead to more or greater learning, so that a piece of knowledge is part of a pathway to other opportunities.

Principled success is concerned with achieving excellence in the metrics by which schools are judged but done so in a way that supports and nurtures the deeper values within our curriculum – who our children are as people and as learners for life, the compassionate advocates of the future. We strive for outstanding outcomes in national tests not as the force that drives our curriculum but as a product of the values that shape our curriculum and our approach to learning.

Information regarding expectations for each year group can found by clicking on the resources below:





Here are our curriculum maps for the summer term 2019:

Class 1 summer 19 Curriculum-overview-summer 2019(1) (1)

TIV Summer 19 Class 2 Curriculum Overview Summer 2019

We launched our revised curriculum at start of the academic year 2019-2020 and we are really excited about the opportunities it will give to all of our pupils to shine.

Academic Year 2019-2020

Please click on the link to view our 3-year rolling programme for EYFS & Key Stage 1

Class 1 Long Term Plan 2019-2022

Please click on the link to view our 4-year rolling programme for key stage 2

Long Term Plan Key Stage 2

For the Autumn Term 2019 our topic theme is ‘Blue Planet’.

Please click on the links below to see our curriculum maps for the term ahead:

Class 1 Tivetshall Curriculum-overview-autumn 2019

Tivetshall Class 2 Blue Planet Curriculum – Autumn 2019

Should you wish for further information about our curriculum then do please speak to the class teacher. Alternatively, please email to request additional information.








This topic takes the children through a variety of areas of learning across the curriculum, building upon existing knowledge and developing skills, curiosity and independent thought. Some subjects are taught thematically, whilst others are taught individually, either weekly or in blocks of learning. These decisions are made by the class teacher and informed by the best interests and learning needs of the pupils.

Some of the images that inspire our learning were taken by one of Mr Carlyle’s relatives, who has been diving all over the world. Using a special underwater camera he has taken some special pictures:

Spring Term 2020 

Spring Term 2020 

In  Class 1, our topic for the first half of the spring term is ‘Family Album’ and for the 2nd half of the spring term it is ‘The Farm Shop’.

In Class 2, our topic for the first half of the spring term is ‘The Great Plague’ and for the 2nd half of the spring term it is ‘Heroes and Villains’.